Geoengineering and it’s Consequences

The present climatic conditions of this world have left us (the scientists) to resort to
geoengineering. The concept of geoengineering was limited to science fiction and the gods above
(if you believe in that sort). But by the mid 19th century, we started to dip our toes into ideas that
were considered to be beyond the possible realm of normal thought. Geoengineering is the
concept of engineering Earth’s climate artificially. With the degree of carbon emissions in the
past years, Earth has been a victim of its consequences to which it has responded by acting
erratically. And to battle that, geoengineering offers a solution. But while it may seem harmless,
there are massive disadvantages. When the scale of Nature’s balance is tipped, we can be sure
that there will be resulting consequences.

According to a study that was conducted by a team in the University of Exeter, stratospheric
aerosol injection was found to cause more harm than the opposite. Because of extreme climate
change, hurricanes have been putting on a more regular show than ever. To counteract the
hurricanes in certain areas, the act of injecting aerosols is deemed as a solution to preventing

However, the study was conducted with more research along with simulations. While spraying
the atmosphere in the northern atmosphere with aerosols had the potential to prevent the
frequency of hurricanes, the result was much worse. Even though it was found that the frequency
of the cyclones was mitigated, it resulted in extreme drought. Well, nature is a devoted disciple
of Newton’s third law, where for every action, there is an opposite reaction.

The implementation of geoengineering could lower the present Earth’s temperature but if it is not
implemented regularly, it causes a rapid increase in Earth’s temperature. This will impact heavily
on the animals where sudden change in temperatures can lead to mass extinction.

Spraying aerosols in the atmosphere is not only for the purpose of preventing hurricanes, but for
the purpose of reflecting back the sunlight. In this case, the Earth remains cooler. While it will
help with the melting polar caps and cooling the water surface temperatures, it affects the overall
sunlight quota of Earth. With this unbalance, it would affect the rainfall pattern and may even
reduce the growth of trees in certain areas thus affecting reforestation in turn.

If geoengineering is all that we must do to save the Earth, the correct way would be to limit its
exposure to nature.

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