Geoengineering & Chemtrails

Ever since the concept of geoengineering made its way into the knowledge of the citizens of the
world, all it did was spark a controversy and a huge debate. Geoengineering as we all know is
when the climate of the Earth is manipulated using thorough scientific methods for the purpose
of lowering the Earth’s temperature. The Earth is warming up at an alarming rate due to the
emission of excess carbon particles in the atmosphere. While a lot of people have chosen to go
vegan or avoid plastics, the act is all but minuscule to the amount of damage done to the
environment. The only option and one that will prove to be significant is manipulating the
Earth’s climate by reflecting the sunlight by spraying aerosols into the atmosphere. Well, at least
that’s what this generation of human beings has to deal with.

While messing with the environment and the natural order should be the least of all options, it is
all in perfect confidence and goodwill that it is solely for the good of the planet. But it does not
sit well with some people, and have given rise to a new group of conspiracy theorists. And as a
result, a new type of conspiracy called ‘chemtrails’ have been making its rounds and have found
a lot of faithful disciples.

Geoengineering has been shunned by a lot of individuals and extremist groups, and chemtrails
have been linked with the conspiracy of chemtrails. It suggests that the government or some
other groups spray chemical and biological agents to the atmosphere and appear as contrails. As
contrails dissipate quickly within seconds, chemtrails appear in the guise of contrails, only they
do not disappear as quickly as they should. And thus, the assumption began that the chemtrails’
purpose was for experiments on mind control to large masses of people, experiments with
disease, curbing the life expectancy and most of all, for weather control. With extreme weather
control, the theory believes that it gives scientists the freedom to perform more studies and
experiments on geoengineering.

It is estimates that an average of 17% of the world’s population believes chemtrails to be true
even though there has been no evidence till date. Social media feeds this frenzy with popular
platforms acting as hubs to the like-minded. The theory of chemtrails have been debunked many
times with concrete proof, but as a very wise person once said, “Nobody wins a conversation
with a fool.”

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