If you have been online there is a chance that you have obviously seen posts about chemtrails. But what makes people buzz about this so called chemtrails? Conspiracy theorists are attracted tothis topic like a moth is attracted to a light in the dark. They are considered as casual conversation starters and everybody who has never heard of it will at least hear of it in their lifetime.

The act of manipulating the Earth’s climate has been shunned by a lot of parties and individuals calling it unnatural. While the concept of geoengineering has only the best interests, which is curbing global warming, it has also given rise to a lot of paranoia. This has given rise to a certain conspiracy surrounding the realms of geoengineering called chemtrails.

People who believe in chemtrails believe that the government or other sinister groups spray chemicals or biological agents into the atmosphere with the help of aircrafts obviously. The conspiracy states that the contrails in the sky are known to dissipate quickly. The chemical or the biological agents are released in the air and the conspiracy suggests that they leave trails which are similar to contrails. Except this time, the ‘contrails’ do not seem to dissipate as quickly as normal contrails.

The act of manipulating the climate through geoengineering has struck a chord with people who are suspicious and it is no wonder that they have associated geo engineering with something sinister. The conspiracy also states that the purpose of these chemtrails is for the purposes of mind control, sterilization for controlling reproduction, weather control and even the reduction of the life expectancy. Conspiracy theorists have gone as far as to claim that chemtrails result in extreme weather modifications which allow the scientists to work on legitimate top secret projects.

There has been no evidence of such claims so as to say. But it is a surprise how so many people refuse to believe otherwise. The conspiracy theory of chemtrails has been debunked over and over again but people still refuse to believe it. It is found that an estimated 40% of Americans believe in this conspiracy, and an international survey suggests that about 16% to 17% of the people worldwide believe chemtrails to be true. Chemtrails enthusiasts have called chemtrails as the largest crime against humankind. That’s just the tip of the iceberg as social media such as Facebook is a common platform for like-minded conspiracy theorists to gather from around the world in a common hub

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